Rescue & Recycle Project (2R Project)

Description :

  • Access to quality education remains a major problem for many part of the world and Africa. The Humanity has set for itself an agenda of a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity summarised in seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs). The education goal aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education
    and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Moreover, since one year, the world is experiencing Since 2019, COVID-19 pandemic came into play and affect all aspect of the life worldwide. Digitalisation of training programs is recommended to contain the
    pandemic and at the same time insure the training continuity. In this context, there is an urgent need to support children and youth from poor country to have basic tools as computer to continue their education. The 2R (Rescue & Recycling) project is a resource mobilization strategy to offer s a
    decent framework to Youths and children in Africa. In fact, in many western countries like Germany, Switzerland, French and others, materials and equipment are regularly replaced and/or disposed although they are still worthwhile or could be converted to
    an alternative purpose. We would like to collect those which can still be used and donate in Africa where there is an urgent need for them.
  • Our overall goal is to contribute to a better education framework in Africa by providing materials and equipment (still functional or usable) for Youths and children in Africa. We will equip in the next 1-2 school in Cameroon with material such as chairs, computers, screens, laptops etc.
  • Budget : 20 000€ (per shipping round)
  • Partner Organisation:
    Funder: Self-funded
  • Location: Douala
    Status: Ongoing (Next transfer December 2020).

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