Our Vision

      ✱Empowering people with Technologies for Basic Needs" aiming at making promising innovative solutions.
      ✱Promote successful implementation on the basis of sustainable entrepreneurship and development.
      ✱Promote the economic and social development of the African continent.

Our Missions

Nakupeda e.v. helps in developing and emerging countries with simple technical solutions adopted to existing conditions to offer huge for positive social, environmental, and economic change. The "People's Empowerment Platform" makes such promising solutions accessible and fosters their implementation based on entrepreneuship models and throught training opportunities. The core of the platform is the database comprising intelligent hight-tech innovations, which enable a sustainable improvement in basic needs in developing regions. These solutions are the best rated innovations submited to international organizations and governments for investments. The plateform also offers practitioners, inventors, experts and organizations working in development cooperation the oppotunity to connect and create stronger and more goal-oriented ties. It provides a fruitful ground for partnership, exchange, publication of resarch findings, tecnology transfer and entrepreneurial thinking. The empowering people platform has 6 domains of expertise :
      ✱Business incubator
      ✱Women empowerment
      ✱Technology transfer / technological centers
      ✱Knowledge transfer
      ✱Developpement Projects and Programs

Our Partners