Neonatal Incubator

Description :
  • Every year, at least 1 million babies die worldwide in their first month of life and about half a million on their first day. The African region has the highest newborn mortality rate in the world and the continent is lagging behind in reducing newborn mortality. Hypothermia is a real risk for preterm babies even in warm African climates (Morley et al., 2005). Of the 6.3 million children under the age of 5 who died in 2013, 1.1 million were due to medical complications in preterm births, including warming in children, leading to more disability in the neonatal period. One of the answers to this problem would be the use of neonatal incubators; this is quite difficult in Africa, especially when one knows that 70% of hospital equipment has broken down and only 5% of Cameroonian hospitals have a functioning neonatal incubator. The reasons for this shortfall are both (i)the lack of funds available to hospital centers to purchase these mainly imported and therefore quite expensive devices and (ii) the lack of technical means to maintain old equipment.
  • Nakupenda e.V, in partnership with ACPD, aims to launch a campaign to promote the local production of incubators in order to contribute to the reduction of newborn mortality by implementing local know-how. The challenges in the implementation of the project are mainly financial, as local technical and professional competence is ensured by the partner organization ACPD. In the course of the present project, two (02) newborn incubators will be produced and six (06) will be repaired and redistributed. Also, a training of medical technician will be conducted as well as a campaign to promote local know-how will be organized.
  • Budget: 17 000€
  • Partner Organisation: ACPD
  • Funder: SEZ-BWIRKT Baden-Württemberg
  • Link:örderung-der-lokalen-
  • Status: Closed
  • Location: Douala (Cameroon).

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